Embrace the journey

You know those pesky inspirational posts about how the road to success looks vs how it actually is?

Success Picture

Yes, these! I have a problem with them. So hear me out. In every one of them, there is always a finish line. Pretty weird, I know. Give me a second and I'll tell you why.

What sucks about them is that if you're like me the first thing that comes to mind when you picture a finish line at the end of a "race" is that you'll struggle through the journey and enjoy when you finally "make it". I know, it burst my bubble too but guess what? There is no end, or at least I choose to not see it.

Why do I hate the idea of a finish line? I believe it hinders us from enjoying the journey or process. Like they say, the journey is the best part! The problem with the finish line is you are hurting with the hope of not hurting soon. This turns sour when soon doesn't come as promised. It puts out your fire and speaking from experience, it can make you really sad. We don't want that now do we? No!

I propose a different approach, embrace the journey and understand that the bad parts are just part of the never ending journey of trying your hand at what you think makes you happy. It's ok, it might sounds sad and gruesome but I find hope in it and so far it's working for me. Choosing this doesn't mean I have it together, choosing this means I'm happy to not always have it good, not always having what I need to get started. I choose to go forward and do what I like regardless of my circumstances. I choose to do it and enjoy it. Be it bad, be it good. I will take it all as it comes, one long strenuous footstep at a time.

Please join me? I hear journeys are better with company ;) <3